2 panic attacks later … today has been fucking awful…

my SSD got denied…
my lawyer is a fucking bitch and tells me all I do is PUT HER ON THE DEFENSIVE… so im firing her….
I STILL have to go to my UC hearing on Tuesday
OVR is slow…
Davis and I have been arguing…

…and i left my laptop in the car…

3 thoughts on “

  1. beckon says:

    forgive me.. I’m catching up. SSD?

  2. chantel says:

    yeah… im broken

  3. chantel says:

    well… that was a bit of a short answer to a really complicated question. My Tourette’s/Dysto everything else almost killed me a few months ago… I had a complete nervous breakdown that had me in a wheelchair and out of sorts for about 6 months … and after that I had to leave my job and now I’m applying for disability benefits because my brain and the rest of me is pretty much charred

    but enough about me, how are you and your lovely wife and those two little big boys doing?

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