Maybe im amazed…

To my guardian angel..a follower of The Christ,

Thank you… from the bottom of my heart, the bottom of my soul, my lungs, my brain, my feet, my everything…Thank you. I found your beyond generious gift in my mailbox today… I had no idea what to expect…I was told by a dear friend in the Tourette's group that a person wanted to send me a finantial gift because of how hard ive struggled and how hard i try… she let me know when she mailed it… so i went to see Brody today…and i saw that i had letters…

I opened the envelope in my car and when I saw the money order for  $500… I sat there and cried tears of gratitude… I truly have no words for how much this means to me… With how hard life has been these past few years I never thought that someone would have the generocity do to something like this for me …when it comes to trying to give I do what i can … and without wanting anything in return other than trying to help another person… but to know that someone annonon. wanted to do this for me … my heart sings…

My faith tradition has been all over… But I believe that all of us have a test of life, that God, the Tester, the Intecessor and The Comforter places tests before us all and we don't have to pass them but we must try with every fiber of our being…

all of have our own tests … and I don't know who you are… but your note alone inspired me to try harder, seeing that you've risen to your test and are so generous… Thank you, thank you, for the food on my table tonight, for the lights in my house… for the hospital bills that are now able to be paid and for many other things…Thanks to you I now have a blouse and a pair of pants to wear to my interviews tomorrow too. Since I always wore a uniform to work I had no clothing for an interview … now I do… thank you so very much for helping me work towards a fresh start and a new begining and the authentic life I truly want.

thank you… I look forward to the day I can pay this kindness forward to a person in need …I've placed both notes in my box of treasures that I can keep forever to always remind me of your kindness and love. I just cant even believe this was gifted to me … your note has found a special, priceless place in my box of treasures so i can ALWAYS remember you …and remember how this will help make changes in my life…

with much love and gratitude now and always

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