Davis has been off this whole weekend… and it i've dropped down to 149#…. which is cool too … and i found headphones for $1.50, it's so nice to have my ipod back ….i made really good burgers tonight for supper that really made up for the NASTY dinner that Davis tried to make the night before. Sometimes I dont know what that man thinks but it was sweet that he tried…

oh crap… never got to cut my coupons today… oh well, tomorrow is another day….I want to email one of those crazy coupon shows and see if they could teach me how to do that… it could be kinda funny t osee if they could…

I found out I type 95 words a minute too, im sure i can go faster than that if i really wanted to… i wonder if thats going to help me find work somewhere too? sometimes i dont know whats going to become of all of us…um…im trying to think what else… there's nothing too special that went on today…

oh … well… we got the big dumpster bag picked up yesterday morning too… the people were really cute and nice too… my mom, had to help pay for $100 of the pick up…but i covered the other $138 of it … i hated borrowing that money from her … and then lying to Davis about how much it costed…but i broke it up over 5 cards, and all of the rest of the laundry money and other things I was hording to save for the trip for him to go to main to see Samantha… but its gone and the landlord isn't kicking us out again… for the moment… one more stress thing down for me …
now we have no money for food… that kinda scares me … Davis only has $25 in his account and i have a LOT less than that… BofA has overdrawn us over $160 because of the way they credit things… there was money there when i got the perscriptions and things … i dont know how we're going to make it through sometimes … but i know we will and we have to … this all makes me sick to my insides …

but, we had one really sweet thing that happened this weekend… and we didn't have the money for it … but we wanted to get out … so we went over to Sonic and got ice cream… it wasn't even $10 but it was nice to get to sit and watch the cars go by late at night and just … talk… i loved it … it was just fun to do … i miss getting to do little things like that.

oh well, i think im going to go read my book now … its not that my laptop works again so i can post in bed like this… makes it way easier for me to keep up with my thinking…

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