I want her so bad!!!

I spent the whole evening with Margie, her little girls, and a few other friends for her birthday and I got to visit MY KITTEN!!!I'm the only one she's giving one of the babies too… I just hope Davis will truly let me have her. I want her so badly… I really just want some company for when he's not home… I love the skees but i miss having something soft and fuzzy …and i've always wanted a kitten so bad. I really should have done the wash today but I'm so happy to have gotten out and just had some fun…

and I forgot my damn jacket!!!

oh, but we had vegan sushi and something with soba noodles and it was so good… and played N64 007 games and I spent all the time with Rosie and it made me want a baby even more


They call her cow, I call her copper. She's a month old today!!!

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