Today was a good day

my car actually started … I looked at beautiful gowns and found one I'm in love with… found out I can sell the one that I don't love and put the money to the one I adore … told my mom about it … and my love is good with us renewing.

my Unemployment got approved… my OVR appointment is tomorrow… oh, and my dentist cleaning … but that's ok too … it's just a cleaning and it's not like I don't know whats going to be coming later in this month… bleck… lots of dental work but at least then it's done. I'm a little scared but at the same time … i know this is going to be for the best… I'm scared optimistic.

truly optimistic … and happy… I think I'm happy…

oh… but the new meds feel weird. I dont know if I like wellbutrin or not.

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