broken paw…hanging with lions… tics in the store … and the best man a girl coul ask for

so, my foot is still broken … but we still got to have a good day going to cabela's and just being together. I loved every second of today….

brokedy foot< — boot

We got fudge, drove around … I had some bad tics today in the store but I was in my wheelchair so it was pretty good.

I really love having my chair … I don't really have words for it sometimes … it's like for the first time I get to be … well… invsable… truly invisable… because no one notices anything up with me when I'm having issues in the chair… i love it.

nows how to maneuver my chair really well… I love when he takes me up and down steps … I kinda giggle/shreak like a little girl and just laugh my ass off over it. When we were at the mall the other day he took me up the escellator and freaked everyone out ….

Today was just a very nice day …Now we're just sitting here watching TV… it's a good day. I love this man … and my life is good.

…but this show is freaking me out in a fun way.

One thought on “broken paw…hanging with lions… tics in the store … and the best man a girl coul ask for

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dentist And Dystonia

    When I first moved to the tip of NJ; I fell down a flight of steps. I lucked out. It could have been truly catastrophic. I had a lit cigarette in my hands. It flew out of my hands and I knew I had to call for help and find the cigarette. I have ALWAYS been good in a crisis situation. As I called my husband at work, I literally crawled back up and found the cigarette, which, was still lit.

    Basically I was ok. Funny how the mind works. My youngest kid was due home from school and I was not sure if she had her keys. My Mom was in Adult Day Care and could NOT be left alone for longer than a few minutes. She had Early Dementia and STILL had the mindset that she could do everything for herself- far from the truth.

    My husband got home, my kid appeared on time (for once) and I left my kid in charge of her Grandmother- not backwards- my 15 old was very capable of watching my Mom and my other child was due home from work.

    I was ok- BUT- I had loosened MOST of my teeth. I was new to the area. I took out the phone book and started calling Dentists. It never even crossed my mind to include my severe Dystonia in my conversations with dental receptionists. I FINALLY found a Dentist who agreed to take my dental insurance. It’s not that easy to find a dentist in my area.

    I could still drive at the time. My neck was down- It twisted to the right and when my neck was done resting on my shoulder; it made a turn left- I must have looked like Linda Blair in “The Exorcist”

    The Dentist was a GREAT guy. He took one look at me and said “Don’t be scared- my Mom had Huntington’s”. I turned to him and said “Dystonia:. There was a computer in the room. He went to it and “googled” Dystonia. I lucked out. This man never saw me before and he Treated me with concern. he position the chair so I could co-operate. He did a great job on my mouth and accepted my insurance as TOTAL payment.

    I still go to him and I always will. He’s a very good Dentist and a truly compassionate person. He has never been anything but nice to me. I wish every person had a dentist like him. His entire office is wonderful. I cannot sing his praises enough.

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