You see me rollin’ like a gangsta’

somedays I think I have so much to say … other days its like … wow, is this even me? Maybe it's the fact that we were doing all Christmas stuff all day yesterday and the Christmas trees up and it's really pretty. And today I just was a normal person I can even really believe it.

So far today's been a pretty good day for me!! I'm not sure how this works but it's always really nice prize when I wake up and I'm not like punching myself in the head, or shaking & shuttering, or any of that other crap. So I decided to make the most of the most of it…by being a good little housewife and trying to get stuff done

So I finally talked to my neurologist about the wheelchair thing… And he said okay got the script out for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  and I dont know what I was so afraid of he told his nurse that I'm such a unique case that I wanted it why not?

I went over to the supply store and we I thought started getting going, thats when things started to go down hill because I was so excited and was trying to suppress myself so much and trying to hold it together so bad… but the idea of getting this thing is so exciting to me. The lady and I were joking because I'm sitting at the desk with her doing paperwork and I have my chirp, the jerking in the twitching and she said how cute it was. Usually I get all offended but today I just laughed because really it's better than having the cursing kind of Tourette's. She agreed with me and just said that I probably wouldn't be as adorable if I was spouting off the F word all the time. hahahaha. I'M ADORABLE!!! I mean … duh… but, really… it took me a bit to get back together again after that…

anyway, its going to be black with glitter spray paint so its classy but me … and that means I totally need some glitter and sparkle and all the things that make me happy in life. I would love it to be some kind of big bright colors but thats kinda tacky …and Im suppose to be a grown up… yeah right … but its really made to fit my body. They got one for me thats going to just be made to fit me specifically… its pretty cool.

So that's it I was just a normal day in the life of a somewhat homebound, Christmas card writing, wandering girl.

More later if I can think of it… But right now I got a separate make and washed away in some normalcy to enjoy before Lord knows what happens I go back to being my usual spastic self…

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