the MEG

One of the tests I had is in the MEG, so, you get it … it measures brainwaves while you do specific tasks. So they hooked my arm up to electrodes that work like a TENZ unit … it sends small bursts of electricity into the radial nerve (main nerve in your arm going to your thumb and first 2 fingers) … and i had another on the top of my hand at the ulner nerve and another on my index finger, two small wires. The problem was my nervous system is really fucked up from the chromosome thing…. so she thought the machine was acting up and actually it was my nerves.. so she turned on the system on the -lowest- setting and it was making my hand move on its own because the pulse was too strong for me. she asked me to stop moving my hand and I Said I couldn't because it was moving on its own
    when we took that off i had burns and shock marks all the places where the stuff had been… and I cant feel my left arm up to my elbow …

    OH, and they wiped me down with Aloe wipes so I got allergy burns too
    and a shot of benedryl

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