so, my new job doesn’t suck as bad as the last job did by this point. Im crying for different reasons this time. It’s not perfect, I dont want to stay here forever … but it’s decent for now. the only problem is that i am so exhausted … I come home and Im not even here like 3 hours… then Im passing out.

this is hard. It’ll get better.

the problem now is that I keep freaking out over my teeth and knowing I need some work done … still … since I maxed out our dental plan… I found little pinholes in my teeth … I know they need to be filled but now Im scared to the point that I might actually take the drugs this time……..I don’t need them and I need to stop doing this to myself. I’ve been fine the lat 2 times. and its not like I can go any time soon. He told me what to look for and when to know there is trouble.

I just do this everytime I feel like tings are out of my control, this is something I can sorta control. I just dont know what to do about it.  ihave to go for cleaning in August and we’ll just have to work something else out with them to see what we can do.

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