part 1

kackersmom 3:11 pm yes
HereNow GoneL8er 3:12 pmi dont know.  sometimes that happens but im trying to think what could have done it if you were just reading

kackersmom 3:13 pm  oh i wasnt even asking u i was just talking
HereNow GoneL8er 3:13 pm well i always try to think of what could do it   

kackersmom about all thosse sheets… i must have been on crack to buy u so many….. u have no attachment to any of them i presume and therefore wouldnt care what happens to them? 
HereNow GoneL8er 3:15 pm no i dont have any attachment to them
kackersmom 3:15 pm  ok then. is there any stuff her u do have an attachment to???

HereNow GoneL8er 3:17 pm yes there is.    this new show .. food buddha… that is so stupid and so wrong and an insult to anythign buddha i cant get overit

kackersmom 3:23 pm i have no idea what u want thats here and some pain in the ass up the street has the LETS HAVE A BLOCK YARDSALE  this month and so ur father is all cranked up. i keep telling him if its his feel free to sell it and if its not leave it alone

HereNow GoneL8er 3:25 pm oh no … the yardsales…..thats the quickest way to get him all cranked up

kackersmom 3:26 pm
(3:26:22 PM):     so here is what i am going to do…. i know u dont want to come here and insteadof me getting more and more crazy…. if its yours i will put it all in that same section of the basemnet  if/when  we move u can come and get it ALL
HereNow GoneL8er 3:28 p ok, fine, thank you. ok.
kackersmom 3:29 pm THAT sounds angry
HereNow GoneL8er 3:30 pm i am a little angry because you keep ASSUMING tha ti dont want to come, but i want to come when i am not going to be complete exhausted. but instead i keep getting TOLD  how i feel and what i do and don’t want to do because i don’t want to get snappy and say anything at all.
kackersmom 3:30 pm no juliet u never give me a straight answer… i feel u think i am a mindreader and i am not
HereNow GoneL8er 3:31 pm if i’m going to come and be totally useless then i dont want to come because i dont want to be cranky or snippy or rude
kackersmom 3:31 pm i am just trying to get the shoveling done thats all.  and come on u never ever coem home and i am not fighting with u here i am stating a fact
HereNow GoneL8er 3:31 pm i know the shoveling needs to get done
kackersmom 3:32 pm u havent been home in years other than for a dentist or eye doctor

HereNow GoneL8er 3:32 p yes i know.
kackersmom 3:32 pm so why would i think u wanted to come if you never have. even holidays…. rush in/out rush
HereNow GoneL8er 3:33 pm yes i know
kackersmom 3:34 pm simply stated i guess i feel kicked to the curb
HereNow GoneL8er 3:34 pm well I’m sorry
kackersmom 3:35 pm andi never get to get all this out because i am usually worried about ur feelings but i have feeling too.

HereNow GoneL8er 3:35 pm  well, I try not to say anything  ever

kackersmom 3:35 pm(3:35:43 PM):     ?????????????????????   

HereNow GoneL8er 3:35 pm
(3:35:46 PM):     because im reminded of what i’ve ‘done’

(3:35:49 PM):     like about ‘omission’
kackersmom 3:35 pm
(3:35:55 PM):     wtf
HereNow GoneL8er 3:35 pm
(3:35:56 PM):     so i just leave it out more

(3:36:07 PM):     because i dont want to make you or my father even more upset with me
kackersmom 3:36 pm
(3:36:11 PM):     you are reminded????????????????????????
HereNow GoneL8er 3:36 pm
(3:36:21 PM):     we just talked about this a few days ago

(3:36:32 PM):     aobut ‘how much trouble I’ve caused this family"
kackersmom 3:36 pm
(3:36:39 PM):     i said that?
HereNow GoneL8er 3:36 pm
(3:36:41 PM):     YES YOU DID

(3:36:46 PM):     sorry

(3:36:48 PM):     not meant to be caps

(3:36:54 PM):     i hit that on accident

(3:37:01 PM):     i try to type too fast and i miss the keys
kackersmom 3:37 pm
(3:37:08 PM):     caps dont offend me.  juliet its like a buffalo in the room

(3:37:10 PM):     and u lie
HereNow GoneL8er 3:37 pm
(3:37:28 PM):     i dont like typing in caps, it bothers me
kackersmom 3:37 pm
(3:37:35 PM):     like christmas when it had snowed a week ago and there wasnt one footprint anywhere near your place and u say u live there

(3:37:48 PM):     why are u still telling us tales   its really insulting
HereNow GoneL8er 3:38 pm
(3:38:05 PM):     i just did, I’m sorry!

(3:38:08 PM):     i try not to

(3:38:12 PM):     i dont about EVERYTHING
kackersmom 3:38 pm
(3:38:57 PM):     what gets me… if you dont care what i think anyway why continue with the tall tales?
kackersmom 3:39 pm
(3:39:08 PM):     why are u paying rent for a place u dont even live at full time
HereNow GoneL8er 3:39 pm
(3:39:11 PM):     i do care what you think
kackersmom 3:39 pm
(3:39:15 PM):     no u dont
HereNow GoneL8er 3:39 pm
(3:39:20 PM):     ok fine! then i do!

(3:39:21 PM):     dont*

(3:39:27 PM):     if you say i don’t, then i dont
kackersmom 3:40 pm
(3:40:24 PM):     well u decide things and then usually almost by accident u  will tell me.   like now u are officially moving in with davis     something u must have decided a while ago but   did u tell me?
HereNow GoneL8er 3:41 pm
(3:41:17 PM):     no, it wasn’t decided a while ago. he gets on me about things like this too, about not making any kind of plan, and split second decisions, and assuming he can read my mind when no one can
kackersmom 3:42 pm
(3:42:07 PM):     i feel like all the stuff with him ….geezes where do i begin….   why didnt u just state the facts from the start???????????/
HereNow GoneL8er 3:42 pm
(3:42:29 PM):     if i had a good answer for that you would have had it by now

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