i’m such a dork, i had my physical today for the new job to make sure that i’m not a failure and do drugs or other shit and forgot that i made the crotch doctor appointment at the same time … so now i have to go on thursday to see her and have class and have work and all this other crap

why the hell would i make that appointment for 11 something when i always go at 1:30. Oh well … i’m going on thursday and i have to see yet ANOTHER STRANGE person. I like Juli who i saw the last time when Lori couldn’t come and i love her so much shes fun … but another new person…. i dont know what i think … more later

I gotta go to bed!!! 

I ‘ll find out when i start Naz after all the paperwork comes back! 

oh, i did my devotional tonight for NARE, it turned into a 30 minute Q&A about wicca. i love it

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