Work today was long but it was an Ok day anyway… i need to do some work on myself so i dont put EVERYTHING in my mouth … it’s really hard working in a bakery to not want to eat everything. I just need to keep working on it

 and i went and got breakfast today before work too then i dropped him off and went to work… i had to pick the poor guy up late though because my job does kinda suck

we had a really good supper tonight too, my mom was going on about it so i finally made it i had a small breakdown while i was trying to do it though……. im not the best cook and it was hard for me to do but it tasted so good when it was done

my resource binder is due tomorrow by midnight too and i’m not done … i did 7 pages of the 9 page paper and i know i can do at least the last 3 pages tomorrow and find a holepuncher for the binder afterwork

now… since iron chef is over and i think im starting to get tired i am going to put the leftovers away … and go to bed …

i have to be up at 4 to drop him off, and then come home and go backto bed for 3 hours…and then i go to work 9-2 and get to pick my guy up from work then too! i am pretty darn sure we’re going to get home and just crash though i’ll get the work done i’m not even worried about that! 

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