First things first … HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY   I love you, by the way… so deal with it! we’re actually off together for today. it’s neat

I had something of value to say about yesterday too but i never got to it because of other random stuff. my father called me in the morning telling me that he has a light day and he knows my car needs work so he’s coming down to get the stuff done to my car ( i found out later that him doing this is a bigtime man insult to the other important man in my life) and i was caught by suprise… i had a ton of things to get done but he was coming anyway. So i take a shower, take the trash out of my car, go get her washed and he was here. I have 2 lights burned out on it. it really wasnt too bad… i was suprised. He met me at westgate where my laundry was. we went and got bulbs… and he wantd to know where the local Honda dealer is … I have no idea… but there is one on freemansburg, so we replaced my tail light and my headlight and then i got him a coffee and a sticky and me an icegreen tea and something to eat and we talked for a while and it was nice. by the time we got back my wash was dry and he went on his way…

and i had to rush around like a nut to try to get all the decorations up, the laundry home, the pie made, the other thing picked up… and the presents wrapped. It all got done of course… but it was a bit stressful in the morning to try to get everything i needed and know i had to get back to pick him up and TRY not to blow all the suprises! 

I can’t keep secrets! 

we had a nice night together and then this morning has been nice too šŸ˜€ . it’s just going to be a very good day.

I have one last thing to do for this Tarot class before i become a full fledged facilitator … the problem is that it’s boring, and it’s long … and i really don’t want to do it. I have to make my own spreads, then use the combined exploding and the compound methods to make another huge spread and then i have to go through it and answer it. I really, really dont want to have to make a spread that is more than 6 cards. I hate doing spreads like that. I know it’s important for me to know and for me to be able to teach … but gods it’s a lot of work just so they can tell me i know what I’m doing and other people in the class can cheat off my work.

I really dont feel like having people cheat off my work for the rest of their homeworks. and i know it’s just one more lesson. I’m not too cranky about it really… and i know it has to get done. I think i can get it all done today…oh wait, i probably have to do that and do thesis the rest of the week. That would be a decent plan i think. 

Well, i’m going to try to get some of this homework done before we decide what else to do with our day. I think he liked his presents! 

::End Transmission::

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  1. eclyptical says:

    Do you mind if I ask what you are studying and doing a thesis on?

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