a little while ago i posted some shit in here that no one needed to see, its been taken down because i realize how stupid i am and how it sounded … isee where i was wrong, am wrong … and really … what i need to work on …

I’m sorry bunny …i love you

2 thoughts on “

  1. xamp says:

    Obviously I never saw what you posted and have little idea what it might be….

    But if you have a problem, I wish you would talk to me about it rather than do things like this.

    I love you.

  2. ok, so i did still have the entry…i read it over… and we did talk about it, and it was handled. I have my LJ so i can get things out without making it feel like I’m attacking you. I know i can get overwhelming, and i know that i don’t always engage brain before mouth…so it makes sense for me to vent in here as opposed to anywhere else because its not fair for you to have to see all of that when you get enough of it as it is.

    I know im not an easy person to deal with, and i know that it makes it even harder when i feel like if i rant in here it goes away…

    I love you

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