RIP my sweet lil fisshaal 2006-2009 …. and H0mer… 2009…

Im not mat at anyone about this, im just very very sad today that it happened …. Davis changed the water in the tank and we didnt have any stress coat and used a new bucket and that was last week and things never were right in that tank after that… we should have done something about it and i take my blame in it

…Davis said that they were still up in the corner when he left for work at 4:30 this morning… when i got up at 8 to put sometihng away i found them both dead in the tank in that corner… i was in hysterics to the point that he had to come and take them out for their burial at sea.

He came home because i think he broke his ankle or something else rotten…but he was sent home… poor thing was in agony yesterday because of it… and hes home today for it too… thank god he was because i might not have been able to have done what the fish needed….i loved Fissaal and H0mer i hardly got to know… he handled it … i sobbed… went out and got stuff for the tank too but i didnt get the huge test kit like i wanted to … it was 30 dollars ish and i got everthing else to try to make it better though

… dont know whatelse… im in class now and i dont feel like being in class at all, i want to be at home… i have so much to do and so little motavation to do it with Davis home too… i want to just be with him all snuggled in and happy not cleaning the house but i really, really need to do that or we;re going to go insane and starve…

i saw a cute kitten at the pet store too … a tortie… i just wanted to sit in and play with her…. i know i cant bring her home….

now im in class…. on SL with Davis… we have tomorrow off together too …

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