work was hard today … i overslept… got in an hour late and Riss was being shitty to me … i hear from registrar tomorrow about if i can still take arabic for free or if i have to pay… that would suck… i have one paper done and the homework for that class… i need to finish the Ministry paper and that reading … then the Docterine of God shit … i really want to do a good post …. i miss doing a good post

Davis has off of work tomorrow… and i think i have off tomorrow after 12pm… great to do work and to spend some time with him and i love him a lot … i want us to go do fun things… thats all for now…

homework and snuggle time now

One thought on “

  1. chilledmango says:

    Aww I I’m off today too… Mondays… gah!

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