my asshole father came to visit today…

so… nothing like having to get up early and go to see my father … he’s looking at buying a business still, but now hes looking at “units” its like pods but brand new …. Davis and i were taking and if he was interested in something like an actual storage building he’d have more luck and start making money right away, not with this when pods is so well known. That would be a good job for when i get pregnant too… when i’m totally huge it will be nice to get to sit down instead of having to be constantly standing to do what i do now. Thats getting more and more important again… its hard for me not to think about it and hes ready and we’re both being TOTALLY STALKED by pregnant …

anyway, back to where i was … we talked and it seemed pretty okay … but at the same time its my dad … so he changed the story to tell my mom and she called me a LIAR…. and shes too sensitive to EVERYTHING since what happened with me lying about Davis

i got home and we snuggle …. i love to snuggle

so she sent me all these nasty text message to work … im avoiding her. … off to TGI Fridays… i really want booze tonight

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