i made a wreath last night,

i think i like it better than the one with the irises i made before, i’ll have to get a picture of it.

kinda sucks but i work 1-9 today and Davis works 2-11… guess its just going to be a long day, but it gives me time to work on that little book im wriiting he told me to start with the parts i know i want to cover and then fill in the details … thats a good idea i never thought of before when i tried to write anything else. somedays i dont mind that he knows more than me, because i know thats going to help … i just wish for things sometimes … i know there are things that he wants and things that he needs and its just because of who i am that for me it makes it hard to do them… but i have to just suck it up and get on with it. i just wish i was able to stay up late too and do a lot of the things he likes to do or wants to do… sometimes i just feel so limited

i meant to clean up in here too but that didnt happen either… im starting to feel less screwed up though, i was really getting worried for a few days that i got into that zyrtec funk and id never get back out of it again. i feel bad now about it … if i could just get the other problem that i have to go away and the rest of me to come back maybe i will be able to try harder …it might require me going to a different doctor for that though. im convinced there cant be anything else … somtimes i feel like a walking freakshow

anyway … i should think about eating something before i go… i only have 5 dollars and maybe if i stop at mcdonalds before i go to work i can get a snack wrap or two and eat them on the way….

i have the teeth chatting tic again, its being a pain and i wish it would stop because i know how annoying it is… and it annoyed Davis and everyone else but i feel like i cant stop it and my teeth want to chatter but my jaw doesn’t want to move …

One thought on “i made a wreath last night,

  1. chilledmango says:

    I hate working night shifts… I have to work them every Friday… Boo!

    Tell Davis I said hello!

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