my parents are comming up

… they wanted to come up for lunch…. i really dont want them to even bother but its fathers day and its like i have no choice but to see this guy who i feel less and less of a connection to everday … but what do i know really?

Davis has to work today and had to be in at 5… they said they were coming wicked early so i let them know  that if they want to be here so early why don’t we wait and just go out for breakfast instead? it makes no sense for them to come just to do nothing but sit around here.

Davis feels that the little place the seminary gave me is what is keeping his life the way it is now, and thats now how it has to be… i agree with him a lot that this has to do with my parents and fear. .. how can i really disagree with that when i know that its true

i really dont even want to see these two nuts today really … i’d rather be home doing laundry but the good part about this is that the quicker they come the quicker it can be over with and i can just go back to what i want to do today… laundry, lawn mowing and other big girl nonsense.

we need to R/O that time to go to Maine soon, i keep forgetting to look at whats going on in july… i think nothing so thats going to be good for the two of us … tonight we have to talk about it.

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