another marathon day at the wegmans

Arabic was hard again today but it was okay… i cant wait to take the class again next semester so i guess i’ll learn what i missed.

Xtina came back from Rochester today and I met the ultimate brownie that i know I’m going to be making more than anyone else … we talked a lot about it and how that fucking heart thats now on everything is because colleen wegman uses that as her symbol… IT IS NOT SEASIONALLY APPROPRIATE. use the W for gods sake … i just want this week to be over . I’ll do my best …

the ordering stuff for me is getting better … i got to take the order for the first time today instead of just placing it … thats really big but Donald and Vicki are so worried im just going to be abused because of it …. i think im going to be … there is no full time position for me ever … les sigh

we’ll just have to see… thats all for now

gotta do a lot of things … post them l8er so i remember

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