got a book from the libray about hwo to build on SL … i know its not te same as someone teaching me but if hes going to i might as well … well… know something before I start… cant wait for the new computer to get here… the protection plan gets here tomorrow and then i’ll call the second i get it and send the damn computer back… i want my new one ASAP beforei go totally ballistic…

dentist tomorrow morning but its with Jan not Barb… as alawys i got the lecture about what to say and not say and then the apology that i don’t need to hear it… i should get Xrays but i don’t really want them, i mean… i need to know if the wisdome teeth are okay but at the same time i really don’t want to know, the top two are fine i cant see why the bottom won’t just rotate in, maybe when i have insurane again i’ll do it… i hope that will be soon and i don’t have a problem but my mouth is huge they should be fine… they’re already almsot totally in the top are in completely but the bottom two are freaks that are a bit off sided… whatever…i got a tooth filled last time and i try to remember to bruth twice a day i always get in once a day before bed time… he filled that last one and checked the others, i think they’ll all still be watches… we’ll see…enough novacane makes everything better…. except for all those god damn scars… lol

thats what ive been doing, chewing the inside of my mouth raw and its so annoying… its in that back left corner with the teeth, it happens sometimes…

neuro appoitnment is March 18… i was suppose to go this month but somehow i never was reminded by the paractice… they said they’d call when it was time for me to schedule… I hope Davis will be able to go with me, he does his best to come. we’ll keep track of the date. so much for my happy birthday, i just don’t want to be sent for tests… tired of all of that evern though its been a long time. 

im starting to think of other elopement things for me and Davis again… guess its not really eloping if  we had the ceremony already now is it? whatever! 

off to do paperwork…

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