Yesterday today and tomorrow

I cant believe it… I passed out at 8 last night and really never woke back up until 8 this morning… I cant believe it! I felt so crappy last night I was shaking all over and was tired and felt totally out of it … and i was up a little bit to see him get home and then back to sleep again ….

but yesterday was the last day of band camp… well… it sucked… Cindy is still talking crap about me behind my back and she made this mistake of telling that to Chrissy who I’ve been friends with forever & then she did it to Ashley too! they both came up and told me all about it and what happened and what exactally she said, but it was so mean and totally rude to do. She thinks I’m trying to steal her job as section leader ,well guess what bitch I don’t want it! I am so stressed out over this while thing with Band that if its not better by Saturday then I’m out! totally and completely out! Why make myself suffer over something that is not worth it. I could be working my real job making money instead of doing crap like this. My Review is coming up at the store soon too and I want it to be good so I get another raise. im not sure i got my last once because its been some time since i got a paycheck… thats another point.

how dare she…. and yesterday too somehow my drivers side break locked on my car and it started spitting break fluid or something and i had to stop and  call Davis and panic about it because that was mad scary… so i told my parents about it too and now they’re all pissed and are coming down here tomorrow because they have nothing but time and i’m so busy and they don’t know why id wait until Thursday to get it fixed instead of 20 years ago. I don’t have time right now. Huge fight with them today about it… absolutely huge. and then it got bigger about my sock drawer which she decided to go through all of my belongings there AGAIN…. i hate that… i hate them i think… i just feel like they treat me like a dog.

if its not better in band by Saturday I’m quitting and they can deal with it I am not here to be abused by some stupid kid in an ensemble i don’t even need

i got an e-mail today too saying a girl got mugged at the top of my road and the intersetion of his… thats scary… she was walking alone at like 11…but i’m scared of those things… and i have to walk over there today after band… i might go now to do it and just take my car down south again… i’m not technically suppose to be driving it but i have to go see him for lunch and I’ll take it slowly. I’ve got class at 2:20… thats plently of time to get home and do something for a bit… or just stay up here and do homework… I think I’ll go home.

all for now

::end transmission::

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