marching band sucks

Oh my gods… I really want to fucking kill someone right now. Cindy went and made a stink to Barnes and he threatined ot make cuts in the ensamble because he doesn’t approve of decent and he will ont have it in ihis band but he has no idea of whats going on. She’s conctantly talking down to us and treating us like we’re totally ignorant. Like she’s the only one that ever played one of those instruments before,.

I just cant take he.r I jsut cant take the constant talking and that feeling of acting like she has something over us which she doesn’t AT ALL. i’m not angry I’m not section leader anymore I jsut feel like she has no right to keep acting this wya. The first day or two maybe but not now. I talked to Michelle and she told me she talked to cindy and she said how much better she is than everyone else and how shes going to ahve to beat everytihng into us. What an attitude problem! Bitch!

so today we tried to play a stupid game with her and we hid behind the stage to pop out on her and she went to cry to barnes and i cant believe she just didn’t grow up and act like an adult instead of going crying to him. but I didn’t get it because i’m too sick. Well i think I’m too sick to help anymore too. I’ve not taken my stuff in 2 weeks and i know its bad and Davis is going to be upset with me when he reads this but I feel fine and i’d be better if i was taking it but it makes me tired sometimes

so it was the day from hell and we still have one more day of minicamp to go. She’s just trying to be Jen i think too and its not working…

so barnes said to us that cindy came back from Corps and had SO MANY GREAT IDEAS and we have to help her and go along with them because shes going ot be a teacher someday like all of us and we need to be pa part of the grop she is trying and we cannot be so hard on he.r but shes a sacred music major! She’s not teaching and if I have ot hear about Corps one more time I’m goingto kill her I have been in marching bands for over 10 years at this point and i HAVE NEVER had a problem ever with anyone in a band and Moravian has been one nightmare after another!! Fucking Bitch!!

i could keep bitching about how she does things 2 measures at a time and ten when she got bakc today she got a total attitude with us about her teaching and WHY we have to do things the way we do. But after yesterday when she told us that “We bought our tickets nad now we have to go down with the plane” I am sick of her…

fuck her… I have dishes and more work to do here tonight to make this place nice for him tonight… i’m trying to make the house clean and i think im doing ok… i just am totally out of paper towels and i cant do the last of this without it…

back later…..maple for me soon… no more homework tonight

One thought on “marching band sucks

  1. Guh, I hate it when people act like they own the world.

    Hope things get better. *hug*

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