I’m hungry and feel like crying ….no one is a mind reader… and i guess I should have gotten more sandwitch stuff the last time I went out…. or had enough to make 3….but now im still hungry … and just feel genuinilly bad today… very sad today inside…

There was a  thing lastnight between us … about something I’m not suppose to talk about even in here… because i guess its no one else’s business… but at the same time I don’t like having something i cant post in here about.

So he’s on SecondLife… and I’m sitting here posting… and feeling pretty much worthless at the moment…and its more than the sandwitch…thats something that was my fault… I just feel like everything is my fault lately and nothing i can do is going to make it better. I know what I have to do but I just don’t think its going to work that way, and hes miserable too. I’d rather be miserable than him be over something stupid like that … and its so important… tis not the end-all be-all of the relationship but its the only thing that sucks he says. Everything else is good… other than my mother… and the fact that we’re not legally married yet… and she doesn’t know we’re living together… I mean, that seems like a lot of things to me.

But we’re getting married on the 30th… yep…handfasted… then the legal thing…. yep…stupid thing… I cant even talk about how I feel about it… and I cant remember the 13 reasons why I want to do this… I mean.. my number 1 reason for doing it is because he wants to do it…. and I know hes going to read this and its going to hurt his feeling and I don’t mean for it to be that way. For everything hes done for me…

I should get back to looking for a wedding band I like…and i have to get a new medic alert bracelet… i let my subscription lapse…. I don’t think i’m ready to be a grown up…

things and thangs

this summer class is killing me… i kinda hate everything about it no matter how interesting it seems to be… Davis hurt himself at work yesterday too hes all banged up and his ankle is very swollen… he said that hes fine and i believe him… but hes hurting a real lot from it… i worry about him a lot… its part of that love thing.

my wegmans failed their corprate health inspection yesterday and it made me feel sad but steph and i were laughing so hard the whole time about it. WE knew it was comming. George is a real idiot… of course we failed… and i got 2 hours of overtime last night… i might try to get more in over the weekend. If donald and vicky are going to be working a double and a half I might try to get some that time too.

Davis is sleeping now… im worried about him as always… im happy hes sleeping though. I think he went to bed at like…4 or something again…I’m glad hes sleeping… I should be starting my open journal entry for tomorrow so that im not totally  dying after i get out of work at 8.

I am totally getting out on time tonight….

short post… just have to get back to homework… i love my davis… we got stuff for our cloaks today… not much i really want to talk about other than that, my job is driving me nuts too …

i think im going to finsih my work and go to sleep


Today donaled had a nervous breakdown over who took all the spoons out of the fillings…and of course it was pina because she could never find any spoons… so when holly and I were closing she dropped one of te UCCs on the floor and we decided to make these little UCC characters of Donald and Donna … and eat one of them *lol* I wanted to leave the one for donald we made a little comment at bottom of it about him and the goddamn spoons… LMFAO

Yolanda made us throw it away. it was so funny. he looked like fucking herculies! LMFAO

back to the homework