Neuro yesterday

Davis is sleeping, so I think I’ll post now where there’s not too much else for me to do… I kinda like sitting in his chair sometimes instead of on the bed.We went yesterday morning to get my head examined again and it went really well actually. Good enough so I only have to go back in 6 months instead of in 3! 

YAY. I’m fianlly comming to terms with the fact that I have tourettes … I don’t really like to think about it. I was told Dystonia and then it was changed and I think part of me will always want to say dystonia …even if its something else. We talked about the clonipin and the mirapex and what its doing and if its helping me then I should keep taking the one and not the other unless I feel like it and get it filled again if I do decide I want to take it just so its not old. 

my mother doesn’t want me to take the clinipin, thats the real reason why I never took it in the first plce…. I was scared…part of me wonders if it would have made a difference. Also talked to him about getting pregnant and what to do about drugs and things for that. I feel better now since talking to him with Davis. He said he was vrey happy for us…and it made me laugh because he had to tell Davis to remember to show up. lol So much for swimming in deas of puke like my mother things people are when they see us. 

hmmm… Whatelse about that appointment…we hit a hell of a lot of traffic on the way there…accidents on all the roads and it was a nightmare with hospital construction. I guess this is really my normal. And thats ok.

Oh, we went to Ostara* to talk to Mary but she was busy with things and wants us to make an appointment to talk to her. I need to remind him tocall me with his schedule so when i go talk to her today i can tell her and we can get all of that good stuff going! 

we talked about the wedding and things too yesterday while we were waiting to see mary…lot about my parents and their relationship and my fears of marriage because of them. Wetalked about that and sex and things last night too and other things that are important that we want to work on… things I want to fix it was good

Now if i could just get my cloak cut out today and maybe part of it stiched it would be a good day, and eventualyl i have to get the balls to try to drive to my store to get my check and get home because my gass ank is on E and i need to put at least a 1/2 tank of gas in my car! thatwould be nice… ive not put gas in my car since memorial day weekend… so i am looooong over due for it. 

i have a lot to backdate too.. but i’ll get to that i think… 

yeah… maybe….

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