Sometimes i think mary kay is more trouble than its worth…

So… it turns out that the contract is binding and there is no changing. Karen and Joyce told me over a Voice mail… I mean… fucking A…. I went to the meeting and she had the pearls out and she made this big damn stink about it and I just felt mad and sad and pissed off

she wants me to get my picture with Joycee and Emily and pretend like i was part of that when i’m not. I’m just the idiot who cant make any sales and feels like she’s not meant for this god damn project and maybe wants out.

Didn’t she get it that I feel bad enough about all of this and feel like a total idiot because i thought i had a person and then i didn’t! I don’t want to play the dumb games with them. I didn’t get the recrute or antything else. I’m a loser.

deal with it….I need to get my moods incheck…

well, yesterday i was at weggies for 12 hours… and today i just got out and i woke up feeling like mi guts were exploding….but it was a good day and i just got home… id have more to say if i wasn’t on the phone with my mother and going insane knowing i have so much work to do

… i want to go to see SpiderMan tomorrow with Davis so bad

Oh, and i finally got an A in college… my grades were pretty good. only one year to go! YAY


I got a new phone yesterday…did I mention that? Chocolate Cherry at verizon I cant wait to move into it… i need to figure out how to get my music into it

I had Mary Kay tonight, Emilys orentation and its just a big pain in my ass…Emily signed up but it was under joyce and now i have to call corporate to see what can be done about it. If she does sign up under me I get pearl earrings for “the pearls of sharing”… too bad I couldn’t have gotten 2 people. I’d have gotten a bracelet too.

Joyce has been working Emily since she joined but she wants to do it with me. Who knows… sometimes i wonder about that girl.

Mary Kay Tea party

God it was boring…. I mean… we had some tea and a fasion show but it was only the women patting themselves on the back and playing stupid party games I just felt like it could have been so much better. we didn’t have enough tea or anthing else. I looked pretty though. that was good

Emily said she’d be my recurte and signed up without me…. so that bummed me out. we’ll deal with it later.

summer classes start in a few hours… they were’nt selling books until this morning and the bookstore opens at 9… same as when classes start… i still need a notebook too … just to seem prepared…

i cant seem to go to sleep either

nothing more to report