I think i totally love wegmans and everything about it. The orentation was so awesome and the people are so nice. I got my uniform too. its white pants and a white chefs shirt and a white hat. I cant wait to start tomorrow. I work 8 to 430. I cant wait…I just had that we work two different sets of hours all the time though. Just once I’d like for us to be somewhat close to the same schedule… maybe after my training is over….

Oh, I spent like 2 hours at the verizon store today arguing about the phone and trying to get it fixed….i get to run the old one over now. YAY.

i have to do these wicca things tonight to try to purge everything out of main once again… so when Davis gets home I’m still going to be here for like 2 hours. I hate when i have to do this but at the same time its just one of those things

Oh, and we lost the football game, it rained the whole time but was fun and the game was wicked dirty.

I’m in a harry potter frame of mind…god im weird

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