what i do at work…

So.. I work as an ice cream cake decorator and I decided to start my portfolio…

The bosses daughters birthday cake

The cake of Love (I took this in the freezer)

almost finished… but not quite…

This one was so evil.. it’s iced in chocolate ice cream…i just had to put on the M&Ms … i took this in the walkin too

This got sold to the parents of a 3 month old puppy. I love this cake it’s chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream!

well thats all for now!! 🙂 opinions anyone

4 thoughts on “what i do at work…

  1. angelys says:

    You need to come here and make a cake for me XD


  2. aximilij says:

    mmmm caaaaaaaaaaaaaake :: struggles not to drool, almost succeeds ::

  3. xamp says:

    Those are as nice as I knew they would be. You do very good work. 🙂

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