Before I do the huge post on how mind blowingly amazing CelticFest05 was… i need to do something else… for my sanity…


I had to look it up. There are so many words that are used in english that I think that i know what the actual meaning of it is. I think that I’ve found that we make our own meanings for things and forget that there is this big book that can tell us what the rest of those words mean. so According to Dictionary.com, Hope is
A wish or desire accompanied by confident expectation of its fulfillment, Something that is hoped for or desired…One that is a source of or reason for hope. For Christians hope is defined as the theological
virtue defined as the desire and search for a future good, difficult but not impossible to attain with God’s help.and even for Archaic people Trust; confidence.


I like Wikipedia the best

Amazing isn’t it? I always thought it was that silly little 4 letter word that meant you never give up.

i just refuse to loose hope its too expensive. No matter how scarred the soul, how battered the heart is hope is always there disguised as stregnth and even when it seems lost, theres always going to be someone there to be the optimist

I started this last night to a close friend of mine, but until then I never really listened to anything I was saying… so I need to type up some hope for myself right now…

No matter what type of love it is, there is always hope… at least in my eyes. Hope is one of those things that keeps us going, builds love up when there are doubts and indifference… and the different types of love build on the foundation of trust and hope. I just find that in hope, there is beauty. and that beauty is what makes love Hope is hope… as useless and futile as it may be… as short as it may be… there is always something there to cling to. Hope is consealed as stregnth… and deviotion… and all those other things I can’t think of right now because i’ve got too much going on up there. And no matter how much hope you don’t feel there is always someone around whos going to hold onto it for you.

I don’t care how futile it may be, I don’t care how hopeless the situation is for whatever. I’ve got hope just so you know. Someone wise once told me Love doesn’t die … if love doesn’t die how can hope die?

Hope is what makes the skies blue tomorrow, Hope is what makes the world keep going and hope is the duct tape on the water pipe of love

I had an ACS:RFL shirt that said hope on it once… i think i donated it… i wish i had it right now …

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