4 weeks down

i am going to work on my layout this weekend, yes yes i
am…. someone hold me to that one alright? but i guess the weekend is
almost 1/2 over now… well, thats okay too

Today was good, I got to go out to Pburg and look at the store I got my
plaid skirt from (Christopher & Banks) …went to panera and to
Wal*Mark and got plaid sheets for my bed, could this be classified as
an obcession? My thing for plaid?

Well, im happy right now. Work is on monday and its off to week 5!!!
WEEK 5!!!!! that means I’m over the summer camp hump! I just have to
fill out all of those reports on that horriable kid from my last group,
oh the stories i have about this kid!!! AUG!!!!

 My ipod is back again and working better than before so im happy about that too.

Just trying to keep my mind of someone and my eyes on the next rank at the end of next month.

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