Yet another day

Camp was camp, I lost the lanyard contest but considering what I was competing against i guess comming in close to last was okay. Next week im going to have a great entry. I’m doing a 3 by 1 beryl choker with a lock and key charms on it. I think im going to title it “key to my heart”

its Black, clear Blue, White and Sparkle Silver lanyard. It’s about 1/2 the length of my cosmic egg. I’d really like to win that hour in the air conditioned room and the ice cream sunday… and the lanyard. The woman who won made a lady out of all lanyard, who was making a lady out of lanyard, who was making a lady out of lanyard… Anyone that good shouldn’t be aloud to win, Or have a contest for the other people that are that good.

I entered my first 3 attempts at beryl. and titled it “Juliet’s first real attempts at lanyards.”

other than the kids not listening to me and making smores I realized that I DO kNOW how to swim! I really do know how to swim and i actually spent time in a pool today enjoying myself with Cara and Natasha. I’ve not been in a pool in so many years, it felt really, really good in a weird way.

…I guess there is a real point to this post… I’m worried about my mom … she got sick about a month ago and still isn’t better. They put her on medicine but its not really working. So we went back to the doctor tonight for more of it and are hoping its going to work this time. If it doesn’t she’s going to be admitted, have a pik line put in and have IV medication pumped into her. I’m scared… she’s going insane and i don’t know what to do about it… I feel like I should be doing more to help her instead of sitting up here doing nothing all the time but there’s not much for me to really do… I want to get out of here tonight …

well… i have work again tomorrow and im not thinking about sleep… however … stealing the modem would be a nice idea… yeah, i might do that.

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