i guess its about time for something real … in between all the insanity

i started thinking about this post last night, and started it on the bus this morning to work …

but im talking to myself more again … like the ways i do when i seperate myself from relaity because it gets to be a little too much sometimes. I just hate when i start to scare myself by it. But i seem to be good at scaring myself anyway, so whatelse is new there?

This my is my camp story today. Because its amusing even though it angered me first. Today was hot! over 100 where I am and unbearable with the humidity… so after spending my whole day outside i get word that a parent of one of my newest girls is going to bring cake and a craft for the kids to celebrate the birthday that was yesterday.

So the mother (whos divorced husband did a big thing for her yesterday) decides shes bringing in cake and craft for everyone and she’ll be over at 3pm for us to have this little party for the kid. THIS IS CAMP WOMAN!!! WE DO CRAFTS ALL DAY, I DON’T CARE THAT HER BIRTHDAY ISN’T DURING SCHOOL.

we were supose to have closing flag ceremony and needed to practice and do other things for the badge but i stepped away and said fine, who am i to ruin some kids fun right? Well, that mother didn’t actually ARRIVE until 3:45. we star flags at 4:10 sharp! She can’t do her craft, everyone is upset because of it… its a total disaster.

I’m exhausted and frustrated also, because im trying to help keep this troop together with my 3 other aids (who are amazing) but this mother took a huge chunk out of our day that we needed to reherse!

she uses all the time we need, then wants to just take her kid from us too, well… no…you need to talk to someone and sign her out. By the time we all get to flag we’re late, Alicia said that we can’t do it and she gave it to the cadettes… fine with me… but if she didn’t stink so much we would have had it.

The rest of the day was fine really. I went home and wasted the rest of my life on the internet. Yep. productive day!


was less hot, less humid but just as annoying!!! one of my littles made #2 accident I felt so bad about her getting like that… she’s a cute little one. one of the nice ones too. we took her and got her cleaned up… but my towel was too disgusting for words. At least the kid is okay. They’re really bratty little buggers but all in all its not that bad of a job… I hope i win something in the lanyard contest tomorrow. an hour in an air conditioned room… how great would that be! But some woman is entering a person made of lanyard. I don’t stand a chance

the rest of the day was okay… I’m still sad about him and how this is going but i’ll get over it… i always do

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