no post in 5 days … dear aurora

so, i’ve been busy. not like anyone really cares or not.

So I went back to taekwondo and i think i need to start a “lets help J.C raise money to stay at tkd for another few months” fund.

and whats up with the whole semagic not working? is anyone else having this problem with it? I mean, its just not contacting the server. god dammit i never have good luck when i post on the website.

What else of intrest is going on in my life…. lots and lots of piano playing too im trying to learn “landed” by ben folds and its stinking hard but he’s going to be on the view on monday and im going to see him hopefully play “landed” and then i can see some tricks that im missing.

I’m going on vacation in june too!!! yay, all exciting. First vacation in like … 10 years, i just need someone to go to antrocon with me and then i’ll be set. i just need one person i know. other than this trip with my mom and then i’ll be set!

total hottness

anyway, im going to go see starwars again this weekend with my old man. its a good movie and maybe my father and i are going to actaully get along for once? maybe …. kinda …. maybe….

so, june seems to be my month. I know its may, but june is gonna be cool.

1) going to washington for a week.
2) going to see spamalot
3) starting work with the scouts.

then in July I’m going to go to anthrocon. I just have to go to anthrocon. I am just going to have to. even if Vic can’t make it. I want to see 2 ranting live!!!!

there’s some stuff about Vic im thinking about, but i really don’t feel like posting it. he went hiking with a friend today, or at least its some form of hiking. i can’t wait until i hear all about this one!!! lol my dear vicci, sometimes i wonder about you,

2 thoughts on “no post in 5 days … dear aurora

  1. beckon says:

    coming to washington? do i get to take you to dinner at least once?

  2. vjr says:

    you know I care and worry about ya* hugs*

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