I am going to go insane…

So… Kelly came today with Kye… They’ll be here until friday… I will loose my mind before this week is over… I swear to god…

This upsets me… but I have to get it out to feel better

my dad left at 10 to go get kelli… the same time my LAST parade forever started… and he didn’t even pick her up until 1:30!!!! 1:30!!!! the parade was over at fucking noon! HE MISSED MY LAST PARADE FOR NOTHING!

*feels crappy* I just want to run away right now… or play a game with someone or just get to do SOMETHING

And he’s such a dick… I’m gonna just loose my mind…

I’ll elaborate more…. well… someday

2 thoughts on “I am going to go insane…

  1. Awwa! I’m sorry dear… I hope your parade was good even thou your dad pissed you off…

  2. wickedknight says:

    all you need to do is just reach out and poke me and say “hey! play something with me.”

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