Hijacked from Jason

What one person in your life has made the biggest influence on you and why?

I’m following his lead too. I think mine needs some background information too…

Its a tie… both of these people have done more for me than anyone else… Through my life so far I’ve had a lot of crap happen. Family divided and all of this, Growing up with my dad only their when he wasn’t working and thinking all of that was normal… the usual things. I was put into private school when I was old enough and it was a good place for a kid who was very socially out of place. I tried to play with the other kids but it never seem to work right… and I could never understand what the teachers tried to explain to me

In an effort to make me more normal they put me in public school… My mom meant well but the teacher knew there was something wrong with the way I was interacting with the other students and always made it clear when I couldn’t tie my shoes or make friends. After that year I was shuffled back into the protection of the private school. Where no one would bother me and the teachers would just accept that “she’s just different” idea…

then my family was split again and I was sent to jersey where when I got here they labled me “special-ed” and immedately put me into those classes along with speach and mental therapy… one on one and group therapy… and eventually after school therapy too in a group for “grief” as they called it. I was the only one there who had both her parents… and I was there until intermediate school… and still in the special ed classes…

the two most important people in my life start with my mom, She has been such support for me though everything. She never cared that there was something wrong and different with me. That I never had friends or fit in or had someone I could talk to. She went to the head of the school to get me out of the speach therapy. She felt the woman wasn’t helping me. She was only making it worse trying to get me to talk the way she wanted me to. I always could talk to her about what bothered me, and I could try to talk however I wanted to to her and she never minded…

When I got to intermediate school… I was still in public school and my mom was searching for a private school to put me in. It was common knowlage in this school that was “retarded” as everyone called me. and My mom came in and she told all of them that why shouldn’t do that and they had to give me a chance in regular classes… I was just quiet. And she had the bullys stopped and I was put into regular classes and we proved them wrong and I did it myself…

She’s still the coolest person I know, without her I’d never have gotten into regular classes and gotten to show them all that I’m not dumb at all… And when I got to highschool and got out I left people impresse.d Because they all thought Autistic meant that you sat in a corner all the time and couldnt’ speak. I showed them all wrong. and I couldn’t do it without my mom.

The other person tied with my mom is Mr.Schmidt… I came into High School labled one of the “retarded” kids. And I hated it. They didn’tput me in the special ed classes because my mother fought with them everyday about how I should be treated in intermediate school… But I got to highschool and all of the teachers were warned there was something wrong with me. And I was treated like the class freak for most of my first two years … and it drive me crazy because I would be pulled out of classes to see the school shrink

I got to my Junior year and I was taking accelerated history and th teachers name is Mr.Schmidt… I don’t know if he didn’t care or he was just nice to everyone back then. But he saw there was something different and slightly off about me, but he always treated me like the other students. He saw something in me that all the other teachers didn’t see. They didn’t try to understand and just let other people be idiots about it…

I got to my senior year when I told him myself about this problem I have and he said it was okay. He’s always known about it but unlike all of the other teachers he didn’t think I’d be in his class if I couldn’t handle it myself. He never asked any questions about it, he never treated me differently than any of his other students. He helped me al ot when I slightly loosing my mind and he could just tell that I was on the verge of a breakdown he senced it and just told me it waso kya. He told me I WAS NORMAL and GENUNINE. and no matter whta happened or whatever they called me that was not all that I am. I’m a person too and that I’m a good person and noone has the right to treat me as an inferrior because of something I was born with

Those are my people. and I love them

2 thoughts on “Hijacked from Jason

  1. aximilij says:

    It’s always great to look back on your past and see the good and the bad not the bad. It’s great you had such a loving and caring mother. I haven’t met her and I think she is a wonderful person. Sheet music i say? Anyways, that’s about all i have to say, i’m too tired to think of much else, notice how my typing has kinda degenerated as i posted….. yeaaaaaah oh well. later days.


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