This isn’t to who You think it is

I can accept that you stopped caring about me… but now you’re a dick and you don’t even talk to me anymore… Dam you and those curls! Damn you and what I ever thought about you! I’m never thinking about you ever again after this!

Moving right along… Todays been quiet… exhausting too… but thats okay… I guess… I only got about 2-3 hours sleep last night because of my damn dog being scared of storms… I hope there’s not another one tonight… I’ll crack tomorrow for sure if there is one! So tired…

Um… I need to haul ass for relay… Just a note for myself…

States were yesterday, I had a great time… Spent the day with Jocelyn and it was fun, She doesn’t mind my stupid quirks or anything else idiot I tend to do

Whatelse… I need 5 minutes to myself… John and I aren’t talking, after that fucking hour and 1 minute fiasco I had with him the other night I’m kinda happy about it… I’m getting scare for once! he’s not smothering me! Some girls might like that… Drives me crazy…

There’s another storm cell comming through the area… when it hits they say it should last 2 hours… thank god I have gameboy… I’ll sit in the livingroom with my mom and the dog on the floor playing Pokemon… Sounds like fun to me… woohoo…

um… I’mgoing to get my PJs on… and be comfortable… sorta….

One thought on “This isn’t to who You think it is

  1. aximilij says:

    When we had that giant black out in the summer i played gameboy too, however i played lotr on it. I also played cards. it was fun till the heat got outstanding and then we had all the windows open and my allergies went nuts. YAY FOR POKEMON!

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