survey thing

A -Act your age?
I don’t think so… I don’t think I know what my real age is!

B – Breast size?

C – Chore you hate?
anything that involves being with my parents

D – Dad’s name?

E – Essential make up item?
Tzone shine eliminater by Clinique

F – Favorite singer?
John Rzeznik

G – Gold or silver?
Silver or Rose gold

H – Hometown?
Chicago Illinois

I – Instruments you play?
Clarinets (all of them) Oboe, flute, guitar, mandolin, Piano, percussion (pitched and non) and others I’m to lazy to name

J – Job title?
lazy bum

K – Kids?

L – Living arrangements?
I live with my mom and some asshole who says he’s my dad

M – Mom’s name?

N – Number of people you’ve fallen in love with?
Love is overrated

O – Overnight hospital stays?
A few

P – Phobia?

Q – Quote you like?

R – Religious affiliation?
Recovering Catholic… now Atheist

S – Siblings?
Mark, Lisa, Heidi and the crazy one Zach

T – Time you wake up?
Usually between 6-6:30… unless I’m drugged

U – Underwear of choice?
Bikini panty things

V – Vegetable you refuse to eat?
I like all of them

W – Worst habit?
Nailbiting and talking to myself

X – X-rays you’ve had?
My shoulder about 10 times… my knees, my back, my wrists, my ankle and my hip

Y – Yummy food you make?
Thai Sticky rice

Z- Zodiac sign?
I’m a cusp creature… somewhere between Aries and Pisces is me

15 thoughts on “survey thing

  1. naraku_kun says:

    haha, don’t know your own age? 😛

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