ahh… didn’t post yesterday, Hell… I don’t even really remember a lot of yesterday! Well, yesterday night…

no.. I lied, its all comming back to me now! I had to go cloths shopping for a baithing suit and a few dresses for Virginia, I can’t wait for that trip, its gonna be so much fun… but I’ll be happy when the concert is over… I don’t want to sing anymore for a long damn time…

went Home and colin came over and he got me a fishy for my birthday. I named it Fisch, after him… but it died this morning… poor little thing, it was cute too… I feel bad that I’ll have to tell Colin that it died…

hm…went to taekwondo and saw Garrett and got to work with him and went through my form a few times. and worked a lot of kicks and simple things. and I went home, and missed victor and got SLEEP! I actually got sleep!

um… today I just went shopping for more stuff go to back on that trip… woo I guess…last weekend to sleep in for a while… I hope victor calls me. he got me in walmart today, I’m so happy I got to talk to him, Poor thing got 11-64 for the entire competition, and he palces 3rd in his division… well, his team did and they only missed by 25 points. poor guys! Fayetteville! You’re still #1 to me! I love you guys!

tonight I’ve just been packing and working on my term paper and not working on my other major project or studying for my exams… other things I should be doing… well, I need to get as much done as possiable before I leave on friday… this paper is due!!! like… soon… Crap… I’m so tired…


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