Life in General

Today was very interesting to say the least. I enjoyed a lot of it… we had about 6 firedrills today, the system wasn’t working… so classes actually started at about 10:30 for me. it was great. I got to hang out in the front of the school with Whitesnake, ben, Amy, Liz … we just joked for the whole time and joked about pulling the alarm and shit … it was great… Missed all of AP theory and AP psych and most of Shakespeare…

I don’t feel like talking about how miserable I feel about my family… and how my mom thinks dave is either doing drugs or could fall into it because of the whip cream No2 thing…. now shes got me thinking about it and I just feel worse…I’m veen so close to crying this whole time… and I’ve been listening to “Sileny Lucidity” because it’s pretty and I like it and I just feel miserable too… I don’t even want to talk anymore… I feel like a puppet or a doll …easily used and cast aside when something better comes along…

I meant for this to be a long insiteful post about things… but I odn’t even want to talk about it anymore… good night


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