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Today was busy for me. I did a hell of a lot of housework and stuff like that… spent the whole day inside and I’m tired! We had a major crisis though… My mom and I got this freezer for the basement… because we freeze like … everything… and when I got home from shopping I took all the cold stuff down to the freezer, and went back up for the rest… pulled on the light, opened the lid and all this water rushed off the thing, and SOAKED the floor around me… and EVERYTHING in the freeze was defrosted and warm… My mom and I lost a couple hundred dollars of food! …it was sick… kinda lost my appite for the rest of the day after throwing out 3 black bags full of food, it was sad…

I really just spend most of the day cleaning… I’m going to sleep tomorrow! damn it! I have to go to martial arts and shit for the day class… but that’s okay, I’ll buy a sword and stuff like that… but today was boring because I wanted to hang out with SOMEBODY… but I got to hang out with my mom and do stuff like that… you know? Just a lot of busy work… I damn hate busywork… I didn’t get any of my research on Wicca done… I know it should take years, and I know that it will take years. but I do like working on it in a good consistent fashion… I could do it now.. but it doesn’t seem worth it without having a lot of time to do it here, Ya know?

Anyway… I kept saying I wanted to talk about stuff in my Journal last night that had to do with Dave, I made him blush last night ( It’s soooo easy to get him to blush… it’s so cute too) But I spoke the truth about the sun half of the sun and moon. And it’s all true, I had no intention of giving the other half away… I thought I would wear the sun… even though the moon is the half the person who bought it is suppose to wear… and I remember the day he went home I had both halves on… I think I had them on for a few days before I give him the sun half… I wasn’t going to give it to Victor… because he looses EVERYTHING! EVERYTHING I mean… god… He lost the teddy bear I sent him… the Glass snowflake I sent him to make up for the one I broke… and he never found that…he’s lost letters… objects… *sighs* and I didn’t feel like hearing him say he lost it… and this is real… The only reasion I can wear this half is because it’s made of REAL pewder… so I won’t get a reaction to it…. and if Vic lost it… I’d kill him… well, I’d be a little irked at him… he can be SUCH an idiot sometimes… Sweet… but really, really, REALLY stupid…

my twitching is really bad today too… it’s driving me nuts…I hate when this happens… it drives me NUTS… nuts… and I’ve been just bored today…

but good news for me though… Tomorrow I get to go to the Califon Fireman carnival with Artie and get to have a good time with him, we might go Wednesday, but it all depends when he gets off of work. Saturday I get to sign up for the skate park on Red schoolhouse and daves gonna teach me to skate like a boy… I really cant’ wait for that, I’m so excited! I don’t know why though, maybe just to prove anything you can do I can do better… I’m a little worried about the shoulder though…. I’m scared of breaking it to pieces! Then… dun dun dun on Sunday I get to hang out with Colin and do nothing with him for a few hours, I’m kinda happy I got fired now! more fun for me.

PLEASE don’t rain on Saturday! I’ll just cry!!!!!!

well, until later

::End Transmission::

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