1. List in order, your top 5 most desired super-human powers:
Flight… that’s it
2. What do you like best about yourself, emotionally?:
that I can separate myself from everyone else to try and help other people better
3. What do you like best about yourself, physically?:
I have a lot of endurance and I can adapt to constant pain

4. Do you bathe in the mornings?:

5. Do you bathe in the evenings?:
6. How many times, in a week, would you say you’ve washed yourself?:
Every day, and every night… so a lot…
7. Do you flex in the mirror?:
No… but I like to look at m’self nekked sometimes
8. Do other people find you attractive?:
I wouldn’t know… I wouldn’t think so
9. Do you find yourself attractive?:
not really…
10. List 5 things you hate about yourself:
My personality, the way my mind works, my voice, my life, my disorder
11. List 10 things you like about yourself:
I can’t list 10 things because there aren’t 10 things
12. List 5 people you care about online:
Chris, Jahn, Josh, Doug, Davie
13. List 5 people you care about in real life:
Vic, Dave, Anthony, Fabs & Isabella
14. Overall, do you love yourself?:
no comment… but I guess
15. Are you more happy, than not?:
I’m pretty much inbetween…

16. Have you ever been hit before?:
17. Where were you hit?:
A bunch of places
18. By what?:
A bunch of things
19. Did it hurt?:
Hell yeah it did… in more ways than one
20. Is the glass half-empty or half-full?:
totally empty, because I drank it

21. In what color do you see the world?:
Dark blue and white…

22. Why?:
because when you mix them together you get the color of the sky
23. How often do you swear?:
Too often
24. How often do you swear at other people?:
too often, a lot at Dave Imbriaco
25. How does this make you feel?:
Bad sometimes… sometimes
26. Are you on some kind of medication?:
27. Do you think you need it?:
28. Right now, who/what do you feel like hugging?:
Victor or one of the Daves
29. Name 3 songs you’d listen to right now:
Goo goo dolls – Iris
Ben folds five – Brick
TRUSTcompany – Running from me
30. List 3 people who’s voices you’d like to hear right now:
Victor, my Isabella or Josh
31. What is your favorite noise?:
My piano
32. What is your favorite word?:
33. What is your favorite color?:
Midnight blue and White
34. What is your least favorite noise?:
Gettingg yelled at
35. Least favorite word?:
36. Least favorite color?:
37. Do you value your friends?:
a few of them.. yes
38. Do you value your family?:
I use to
39. Do you value your stuff?:
some of it… yes
40. Do you self-mutilate?:
a little bit… yes
41. Do other people mutilate you?:
yes… mentally and physically

42. Have you ever been beaten up before?:
yes… and it hurt…
43. Have you ever beaten anyone else up before?:
yes… because they hurt me
44. What’s your favorite animal?:
45. What’s your favorite desert?:
46. How old are you… mentally?:
I think about 7
47. What’s your favorite “smiley face”?:
>^-^< or *}:{*
48. People most often refer to you as:
49. What is your favorite quote?:
I can’t see you… but I know you’re there
50. What will you do now??:
post this in my lj, then go take a shower and do nothing until the concert tonight

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