This is the bad thing about me… today totally sucked but I’m back to the other me… and I’m back to worrying about Dave … I feel like such a bitch for today… I really wish I could help Dave though… *sighs*

I’m over the Drum Major thing, I still want to cry.. but I can’t think on it at all… because I don’t like what happened from me being depressed like that…. *sighs* But I still have a throbbing headache..

..but that doesn’t mean anything to me right now…I’m just thinking about Dave and how I’m worried about him… I just wish things could be good for him… I don’t like seeing him hurting… *sighs*

I don’t really know what else to post… I’ve got so very much on my mind… when I sign off I’m just going to play some SA2… I’ve got so much on my mind…

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