my mind…

I just feel like lying down on my back outside in the wet grass and looking up into the sky and looking for the stars and if I can’t see any I’ll make one up… and if there are natural ones there … I’d trace them for myself and make some kind of picture in the sky…

before I painted my ceiling I had the stars and the little dots on my ceiling and I’d trace them and make so many pictures for myself… and I’d feel safe with my mind wandering and nothing else there to take my mind away…

but then I got older and escape started getting harder and harder for me to do and now I lye in bed at night and I think about all the people that I care about… and I think about all the things I want to do… and all the people who I want to help… and it keeps me up at night stairing at my ceiling… wishing for that answer…

and once again… like I do so often… I’ve run out of words

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