hmm… only 2 hours of school…

The doctors appointments weren’t too bad I guess… That stupid Dr.Moore…I hate that man… I had to get scanned and shit and he had to move my arm in ways I DIDN’T WANT IT TO GO! god damned dirty hippy!!

Anyway. I’m on the phone with Dave (HEYSEXY) slightly bored too… he said he posted and then i remembered I started this thing about 5 hours ago and I never finished it…

I felt a little bad when we started talking about proms though… I don’t know… I want victor to be here… damned victor… damn you… get your pale ass up here! LOL

I’m gonna wear a dress tomorrow… wow… I’m turning into a girl. that’s scary… and i feel really, really tired… I don’t want to go to school tomorrow…. I really, really want to talk to Mrs. Lashow… I should tell her that I’ve got this syndrome… and I’m doing it for my speech project… *sighs* and I am so tired… i need a nap… I know I’m not going to sleep as usual…

I had a history test today I didn’t go in for… so I take it tomorrow during class… I never diseceted the I might have to come in afterschool to do it… Bah bah bah

I need a hug…

um… i don’t know what else to say right now… I’m kinda sleepy and I’m … eugh….

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