Who are you: Sojourner mitzu-li
What are you: Indifferent
When are you?:
Alive? Sometimes
Dead? at night I am
Do you want to be dead?
Ever try to kill yourself? Yes
How many times? More then I’m willing to talk about
How did you do it?

Ever see a dead body? Yes
Any funny thing happen when you saw it?Not really…
Did you cry?Yes… terriably
Are you scared of death?No
How do you want to die?Peacefully
Ever played in a grave yard?Yes
Ever find someone who commited suicide?No. but someone in the park by my house did
Was it a friend?no
How did you feel?Scared

What is the worst way to die?Murdered by someone close
Where do you want to die?Outside
Have you ever cut your body?Yes

Have you ever broken a body part?yes
Which?Right Hip, left wrist and right shoulder
Name all major injuries to your body and how they were done?Broke my hip in soccer falling on the ice. Broke my ENTIRE right shoulder falling down the stairs.
Ever been raped?….I don’t like this one….
Who was it?Too much for an LJ
Ever want to kill someone?Yes
How would you do it?very painfully… and with a lot of suffering

Do you like pain?Yes
Do you like sex?I don’t know
Do you like sex with pain?…no comment.
Whos your master?

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