I’m not in the mood to post today…. I’ve not been in the mood for anything now that I think about it….*sighs* This day and past night have been total god damned shit…

I just don’t feel like doing anything… can you blame me… First Vic got it..then I got it… and it’s really weighing down on me… really… I’m stressed so much… I feel like a weight has been dropped on me

I just want it to be taken off… but I know I need to accept all of this before the weight will be lifted… to help myself… I’m going to do my Informative speech on Aspergers… I feel so …

god damn it … I feel like such a fucking problem for everyone now… epically for Dave… He’s so sweet… and I feel like such a problem… I feel like… *sighs* you know… I want it all to be okay so I can be a “normal” Kid… I know this is what makes me unique but for gods sake… sometimes I think it would be better…. well… it would be better if I just went away…

Now that all of that’s out…. I’m okay now

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