Today sucks…


I’m watching the Julius Ceaser thing on Biography. To see how he died exactly and all that rot. It’s really interesting, I love stuff like this, it’s great… but I’m just so totally out of it tonight…. and I still need to place the order for my mando shit…

*pulls out her credit card and places the order* another $83.64… the first one was 135… woo…218.64…. I’m fucking broke again!

I need a hug too… even though I feel kinda sick all over… and I’m sore and exhausted… I got word today that I do have Auspersers syndrome… well, that fucked me over… I’m just hoping that they review my profile and tell me that it’s wrong… one stupid section and they tell me no then yes… I feel so fucked…

anyway… I’m gonna talk to Dave for a while and get my mind off of this… maybe make a T-shirt or shit…

maybe last post for the night… maybe not… whatever

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