Less then anyone wants to see…

I remember when I was five… waking up and finding them all dead… Blood covering the floor… bodies lying stone cold in the blood all over the blue carpet… hair tussled all over the floor… I just remember they were dead and I was five… And it still haunts me sometimes… on the nights I can’t sleep it’s like the angel of death is standing behind me with that weapon… the disgusting, rotting,bloody and molding skeleton with it’s weapon there to kill me…

And the clouds… the small puffy ones in the sky full of light… the shadows they cast… always the valley of death.The blackness the leave on the trees and land below..

Although I walk through the valley in the shadow of death… I shall fear… no… evil….

3 thoughts on “Less then anyone wants to see…

  1. gragt says:

    Try to think of happiest things. It surely must have been horrible to you. Well, you now that my past wasn’t a bright one too. And it still comes back and sometimes I feel the pain again.

    I’d like to make you feel better but I don’t know if I’m able to do that.
    I hope I can.

  2. Anonymous says:

    thats really scary…:(

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