okay! This is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know how I was over at daves place last night…. and you know how we were going at it on his couch? Well now… he called me from his sisters basketball game to tell me that his dad saw us going at it! And he gave him the talk! Ouch. Hm…. I guess I’m not going to get to go back to his house any time soon! damn..

but I really want to do it even more now! Because I loved the feeling of it! *sighs* it was worth it!

Hm mm… care to translate for me?

Gragt says:
whatever, I hope you won’t find out soon
Gragt says:
Need to go, bye

2 thoughts on “

  1. gragt says:

    Oh, sorry! I thought this was correct…

    Well, you know how worried I am with that story, so I hope you won’t find out what’s on soon because that could make you unhappy. I could make it longer but now isn’t the time, heh. Anyway it’d be better you find out because truth is always better.

    Then the last part, I think that doesn’t need any explaination (^_^) I simply needed to take my shower at that time or else I would have been unable to use the bathroom for some time tonight.

    Talk to ya later then.

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