morning… again?

I don’t know what it is…but why is it on days when you don’t have to do anything you seem to not be tired at 6am?!?!?!?!?!

I have a therapist appointment at 10:30 …so I really shouldn’t be on the Internet at 9am… Hm… I don’t know, I just feel like sitting around and doing nothing for a while…THEN go take my shower

yes, this is A TOTALLY meaningless post. but I just felt like I was in the mood for saying nothing and making it be important…

~*~moving right along~*~

remember Kiro Shaddi? I’ve mentioned him before. Well now… he’s a doll. He’s a true doll and I really, really like him. I don’t know… I’m scared of rushing things and then getting everything messed up ( EX – Brian Green) But he seems different then the other guys. But he sounds so very, very cute. jessie. you could appreciate this as much as I could HE’S POLISH!!!! You know EXACTALLY who else I’m talking about honey!


but yeah… he’s got those great qualities… I’m not trying to fall for him, I’m really trying not to but for some reasion he’s different then other guys. He remind me of Bikuu in a way, just that gentle feeling. and just appears kind.

and why do I get this feeling like he’s going to read me gushing like AN IDIOT and think I’m obsessive or something? well, I’m not. so blah!

Just the green eyes and the dark hair is something I really really go for! and he’s not too tall

My perfect mate [ I’m not shallow… I’m just short]

1) must be under 5’11” when you’re 5’2” everyone is tall, why feel even shorter

that’s the only main thing that I need in a guy other then honestly, integrity, brains and responsibility….. Why does that all seem so hard to find -.-;; *pout* but.. Green eyes, and dark curly hair doesn’t hurt anything! ##^.~##

I probably should continue gushing in the shower.


P.s – I saw this on Alci’s away message one night and I just thought it was great for now

Conserve water — Shower with a friend

You are Chii!  Adoreable, Sweet, Loving
You are Chii!

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